Itinerant farmer/monk

Class Monk(3) Race Half-Orc Birthplace rural Capiata Diety Srilina Size M Age 0
Gender M Height 0 Weight 0 Eyes eyes Hair hair Skin skin

Name Level
unknown 1

Backpack with food and a simple bedroll, etc.
Reinforced hoe – blade part of the hoe is cold iron, other end has a very tarnished silver spike built onto the tip. Functions as masterwork quarterstaff with a cold iron and a silver end


Valero is a half-orc raised in a rural community. Only his immediate family is aware that he is the result of an orc raid. Others in the community just thought his mother was a tramp and knew that he was a bastard. His mother did manage to eventually marry and have more children, so while he wasn’t mistreated he soon became an outcast within even his own family. They were probably relieved when he left home at 14.

He has traveled since then at first making his way with odd jobs and being strong and healthy. His appearance is almost fully human, so most people never guess he’s a half orc.

He has studied fighting as a way to protect himself since he is travelling alone in the world now, and actually travelled to out of the way spots to train with experts on self defense methods, but he doesn’t really consider himself a warrior or violent person. He’s just someone who knows how to handle himself. In his travels he’s seen how messed up the world is, with all the strange laws and changes from country to country. He’s recently become a firm believer that the nations of Iconia need to reunite, or be reunited. He has started to dedicate himself to this idea, and would like to make sure that the realm has a benevolent ruler, but really is willing to do almost anything to make this come about (end justifies the means). He’s not a fanatic, but it is an idea he supports and believes he may try to further along if he gets the chance.

He travels like an itinerant farmer (seasonal help). He likes to act like much more of a hick than he really is, and hide the intelligence he has. He also goes by the name Bob to make it harder to trace where he came from. He generally travels safely by avoiding looking like anyone worth robbing and by being able to surprise attackers with his competence. He’s sort of started adventuring (though he’s not really sure he’s an adventurer) to get more money and develop himself for his role in what he hopes is uniting Iconia!

Doesn’t want to be the leader of the united land. Might try to kill someone trying to rule the world if he thinks person wouldn’t do a good job…If he thought person had a decent chance or pulling it off, might help him. Back-scenes kinda guy. Feels he’s allowed to do “what is necessary” to bring about unification, so he is definitely not good in his own right.


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