Lucian Luciano

Rogue bent on learning the underbelly of every city

Class Rogue(3) Race Human Birthplace rural Capiata Diety Srilina Size M Age 16
Gender M Height 0 Weight 0 Eyes eyes Hair hair Skin skin

Name Level
Two Weapon Fighting 1
Weapon Finesse 1

Rogue Talents
Name Level
Fast Stealth 2

Survived a fire that hit farmstead. Parents wiped out while I was young, in neighbors barn with daughter. At least I think they were my parents. Couldn’t keep the farm. Did not want to farm. Taken in by neighbors, but really indentured servitude. Joined Circus Cooboo that came through, age 12 to 14. I learned all my skills there. Got pinched when I took a chance in a bigger town.

Fate was working for me at that time. Town Constable put me to work. Learned the Towney Life. Learned to pick my marks a lot better. Take from the dishonest and evil, people have less sympathy for them. Started being local guide, apprentice investigator, message runner.

Lucian Luciano

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