Fremyck Tolyn

Cleric of Erolier

Class Cleric(3) Race Human Birthplace Brightmeadow Diety Erolier Size M Age 0
Gender M Height 0 Weight 0 Eyes eyes Hair hair Skin skin

Name Notes Reference
Big Ass Sword +2 Damage w/ off hand PRPG p.40

Fremyck is the second son of wealthy merchants in the Brightmeadow, receiving a balanced education. Called by Erolier to serve, he joined the church, delighting his parents and older brother (no competition for the family business). He also has two younger sisters.

He gained note in the church not by intellectual prowess nor theological breadth but by original thinking and a willingness to help in any capacity. He even gained notice of the royal house.

Despite a chance to work more closely with the royal house and church hierarchy, he was called to the path of a wanderer, spreading the healing and light of Erolier to Channia. His preferred method to proselytize is by example.

While on the road, his only vice is a taste for the different regional flavors of brewed malt beverages and thus gained the friendship of many a brewer and barkeep.

Family name, Tolyn. As stated, the second son of a wealthy merchant with royal notice, one of the trusted import/exporters, so the family is fiercely loyal to protect the business. Also, visible church attendance is mandatory for the family and none would ever criticize the church.

The patriarch (Tandryck) is in his late 40s, typical autocrat.

The oldest son (Tandoryn, ~26) performed his mandatory military service but always seemed to get higher profile (and safer) assignments. He solidified family contacts with the younger generation and worked to open new avenues of profit. He currently works to exploit these contacts and opportunities before he is called upon to take over as head of the business. Currently married (Syriel Prymus), a proper arraignment that added influence to both houses, and has two sons and two daughters. He knows how to work his father and is well on his way to success.

Fremyck was able to avoid the usual military service by entering church service, much to his father’s early delight. He became quickly disillusioned by the importance of style over substance and the difficulties of working within the bureaucracy. Once his mandatory training was completed, he chose to wander as a cleric rather than the easier life of a priest. This diminished his potential influence for his father (and brother) so he is not all that welcome at home. He also has no current ambition beyond his current calling.

He knows the queen and her daughters enough to know the one considering marriage (the youngest?) isn’t putting his name on the list of potential suitors because she wants to marry a cleric. There are several possible reasons his name is on the list 1. she is trying to irritate her mother 2. increase the chances of another suitor (“at least he’s not a cleric”) 3. someone is trying to distract his family He figures his best bet is to stay away and let the scene play out without him.

Since Erolier was the first, he must the only true god so the others aren’t really gods, just powerful demigods, magic users, demons, figments, whatever. The specifics aren’t relevant to Fremyck but they probably shouldn’t be trusted blindly. Fremyck believes the church should work towards increasing the faith in Erolier and not worry about policies and procedures, a true priest or cleric would put others first.

Fremyck Tolyn

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